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About Us

The Paw Spa provides caring and meticulous animal grooming services, from basic baths and brushes to more skilled techniques like hand-scissoring. We are animal lovers first and foremost–we love helping your pets feel good. We offer a fun, clean, calm and stress-free environment, we are committed to the health and safety of your animals. The operator, Angela, has 5+ years of experience as an unlicensed veterinary technician so you can ease your mind in knowing your pets are in great hands. Call today and spoil your fur babies!

Providing exceptional service while perusing our passion

Dog Getting Groomed

Our Story

The Paw Spa was established by Jennifer in 2014. Angela (the current owner) was an unlicensed veterinary technician at the South Valley Veterinary Hospital in Osoyoos during the same time period. Angela and Jennifer met on Angela's fourth day of employment with the South Valley Vet.


On top of being the owner of a grooming salon, Jennifer also bred Pomeranian dogs. One morning Jennifer's dog was struggling to birth her puppies. Jennifer knew she needed to act fast to ensure the safety of both the babies and mom; she rushed her pregnant dog to the vet for an emergency c-section. At this point Angela was extremely gentle with the small fragile pups - maybe even too gentle. Jennifer blurted out "You can't hurt a dead puppy" and that was the moment Angela became more comfortable around new born puppies. Jennifer left the clinic with a fully live litter that day. Angela always remembered that experience in every future c-section she's done, giving her heart to the beautiful animals that she works with.

Once Jennifer had decided she was going to sell the Paw Spa, she knew there was no one more capable to fill her shoes than Angela. She worked alongside Jennifer for several months learning the grooming side of animal care. She took ownership of the Paw Spa as of July 1st, 2021. In November 2021, she was nominated for 'The Best of the South Okanagan' award. We cannot wait to see the incredible things Angela does with this business!

Meet Angela

Prior to taking ownership of the Paw Spa, Angela worked as an unlicensed veterinary technician at South Valley Veterinary Hospital in Osoyoos for over 5 years. She learnt an abundance about animal care and became one of the clients favourite vet technicians. In July 2021, Angela took ownership of the Paw Spa after several month of working alongside Jennifer (the previous owner). The Paw Spa was nominated for the "Best of the South Okanagan" award in November 2021,  just four months after Angela took over. She has since developed incredible relationships with her clientele and continues to provide outstanding and caring service. 

Get to know Angie;

Who inspires Angie? 'My Friends'

What kind of music does she like? 'Country'

What is the most exciting part of her job? 'Learning new skills'

What's something she is proud of? 'My children'

What is her favourite food? 'Nachos"

Is she a coffee or tea person? 'Both'

What is her favourite thing to do outside of the shop? 'Camping'

What is the best book she has recently read? 'Doctor Sleep'

What is her least favourite chore to do? 'Clean the chicken coop'

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