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The Team

Meet Angela's Own Pets



The Original

Diesel is a mix of husky, lab and German Shepard. We adopted Diesel when he was only a tiny puppy and now he is 13 years old and still plays like a puppy. If you like a dog that will cuddle you on the couch for hours, you and Diesel would be fast friends. Even though he is going semi blind, deaf and cenial, he still manages to steal everyone's heart.


The Rigomordus

We took Missy in when she had a severe case of urine crystals and we thought she may pass, but this strong baby is still lively as ever! Missy is a Yorkshire terrier and is 7 years old. She will happily sit on your lap for hours but the moment you try and pick her up she stiffens like a brick. She is one awkward pup but she fits right into the family.



The Princess

Charlotte is a Pomeranian and is 2 years old. She was originally owned by Jennifer and is now co-owned between Jennifer and Angela. Charlotte is the princess of the family, you will rarely see her not in someone's arms. She has fit right in to the Agar family and is loved by everyone. 


The Beast

Easton is 6 years old Ragdoll cat.  We got him as soon as he was old enough to leave his Mom. Easton has had an overflowing handful of health problems but is nothing less than resilient. It probably doesn't help that Easton's favourite pass time is eating the dog food and he hates exercise. Even though Easton tends to be a handful, he holds a big spot in all of our hearts.



The Ghost

Nickel is an 8 years old Tabby who has been a part of our family since birth. He is almost always hiding, especially when we have company over. On the rare occasion Nickel decides to bless us with his presence, he likes to show his love by brushing his body along the back of your head and wrapping his unusually long tail around your face. He is unique that's for sure. 

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